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Vanmate RFID Van Key Wallet

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Vanmate RFID Van Key Wallet

Vanmate RFID Van Key Wallet - Protects Your Van Keys Getting Hacked

Over 82% of vehicles are broken into without the owner's keys, using hacking apps and other various tricks. 

Ironically for a system that was designed to make life easier, it may, in fact, be making it easier for thieves to steal your van. By using a relay device it is possible to boost the signal of a key fob and so tricking the van into thinking the fob is present. And that’s just the start. For the past decade, each car sold has been required to come with a diagnostic port, which is typically located in the front footwell.

Devices have been developed by computer hackers that can plug into these ports, run the vehicle’s software and even program a separate key fob. This is a process that can take as little as 14 seconds if you know what you’re doing, and the cost of such a device from foreign websites can be as low as £10. The list goes on. Though app hacking and code grabbing may sound like dangers of the future, experts are predicting that they will become more common sooner than you might think.

Keeping your keys safe in RFID wallet, protects your keys from hacked and cloned. 

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It's good, I am sleeping better! 

Hi there, the product is absolutely amazing and works great, thank you so much! Goes along way in helping keeping the peace in you mind about the tools in the over night. 

Hi, Great product, works well, fitted in minutes, Great protection for tools and equipment. Very swift postage, Cheers. 


Vanmate has now been installed in over 10,000 vans in the UK. The feedback has been excellent! 

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