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Secure Your Campaway Casa Camper Van with Vanmate

In the world of camper van adventures, security is crucial and paramount. Whether you're staying in countryside or parking your camper van in a city, safeguarding your Campaway Casa Camper Van is essential to ensure peace of mind. With the rise in van and camper van thefts, investing in robust security for your camper van is non-negotiable. That's where Vanmate comes in.

Vanmate understands the unique security needs of camper van owners. With a commitment to innovation, affordability, and reliability, Vanmate offers cutting-edge alarm systems tailored specifically for camper vans like the Campaway Casa.

Campaway Casa Camper. Image from Practical Motor Home

About the Campaway Casa Camper Van

However, before we explore the unparalleled security offered by Vanmate, let's revisit what makes the Campaway Casa Camper Van a standout choice for adventurers and camper van holidays. The Campaway Casa offers a unique blend of functionality and innovation, making it a standout choice among camper vans. With its sociable arrangement and clever design features, it caters to both convenience and comfort during your travels. The inclusion of a toilet without compromising headroom is a testament to its thoughtful engineering. The kitchen space is well-equipped and illuminated, offering ample workspace for meal preparation. Additionally, the versatile sleeping arrangements ensure a restful night's sleep for all occupants. Overall, the Campaway Casa is a top contender for those seeking a camper van that excels in both practicality and comfort. 

Key Features of the Campaway Casa:

  • Sociable arrangement conducive to group interaction.
  • Innovative design elements, including a forward-facing raising-roof for ample headroom.
  • Inclusion of a toilet without sacrificing interior space.
  • Well-equipped kitchen space with ample workspace for meal preparation.
  • Versatile sleeping arrangements.

Campaway Casa Camper. Image from Practical Motor Home

The Need for Comprehensive Security Solutions

While the Campaway Casa offers unmatched comfort and convenience, ensuring its security is paramount. With the increasing prevalence of camper van thefts, investing in reliable camper van security systems is imperative to protect your valuable assets and preserve the integrity of your travel experiences. Vanmate understands this and offers tailored security solutions designed to safeguard your van and camper van against theft and vandalism.

Vanmate's Comprehensive Security Solutions

Vanmate offers two main alarm systems engineered to provide comprehensive protection for vans as well as camper vans like the Campaway Casa: the Vanmate Motion Alarm and the Vanmate Contact Alarm. Let's explore how each of these innovative systems works to fortify the security of your camper van:

Vanmate Motion Alarm: Your Ultimate Defence Against Theft

Vanmate Motion Alarm stands as a formidable barrier between your Campaway Casa Camper Van and potential intruders. Engineered with state-of-the-art motion sensors, this innovative alarm system remains vigilant, detecting any unauthorised movement within your van's vicinity. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that even in the dead of night, Vanmate Motion Alarm stands guard, ready to thwart any attempted break-ins with its piercing 125dB alarm. It's not just an alarm; it's your steadfast guardian, ensuring maximum protection for your valuable assets.

Vanmate Motion Alarm

  • Cutting-edge motion sensors detect any unauthorised movement within your camper van.
  • Emitting a deafening 125dB alarm, intruders are swiftly deterred, leaving your belongings untouched.
  • Installation is easy, requiring only 3 AAA batteries and basic mounting tools.
  • Rest easy knowing that Vanmate Motion Alarm remains vigilant, safeguarding your camper van day and night.

Vanmate Contact Alarm: Your Reliable Shield Against Intruders

When it comes to fortifying the security of your Campaway Casa Camper Van, Vanmate Contact Alarm is your trusted ally. Designed to detect vibrations indicative of unauthorized access, this advanced alarm system serves as a solid barrier against intruders attempting to tamper with your van's doors or windows. With a formidable 110dB alarm, Vanmate Contact Alarm effectively safeguards your camper van against theft and vandalism, ensuring that your travel experiences remain worry-free and uninterrupted.

Vanmate Contact Alarm

  • Detects vibrations indicative of unauthorized access to your camper van's doors or windows.
  • With a formidable 110dB alarm, intruders are swiftly deterred, preserving the integrity of your travel experiences.
  • Seamless integration with your camper van's existing security system enhances overall protection.
  • Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your Campaway Casa Camper Van is fortified against theft and vandalism. 

In summary

  • Vanmate Motion Alarm: Cutting-edge motion sensors, 125dB alarm, easy installation, vigilant protection.
  • Vanmate Contact Alarm: Detects vibrations, 110dB alarm, seamless integration, worry-free travel.

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Why Choose Vanmate for Your Camper Van Security Needs?

Vanmate distinguishes itself as the preferred choice for van owners and camper van owners seeking reliable and affordable van security solutions / van alarms. Here are four compelling reasons to choose Vanmate:

  1. Easy Installation: Vanmate's van alarm systems are engineered for effortless installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process without the need for specialised technical expertise.
  1. High Decibel Alarm: Equipped with powerful alarms emitting sound levels of up to 125dB, Vanmate's van security systems effectively deter thieves and alert nearby individuals to potential security threats.
  1. Long Battery Life: With extended battery longevity, Vanmate's alarm systems guarantee uninterrupted protection for your camper van, eliminating the risk of system failure due to depleted batteries.
  1. Affordable Pricing: Vanmate remains steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality security solutions at accessible price points, making van protection affordable and accessible to all owners.

Enhance Your Camper Van Security Today with Vanmate 

Don't let security concerns overshadow your camper van adventures. Invest in Vanmate's van alarm security solutions and embark on your journeys with confidence, knowing that your Camper Van or van is fortified against theft and vandalism. Explore Vanmate's range of alarm systems today and experience unparalleled peace of mind on the road!

If you have any questions regarding Vanmate and our products, please feel free to contact our great customer service team!

Header image from: Practical Motor Home

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