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How can you avoid being a victim of van tool theft

I hope you're sitting down, as this is disgraceful.

Disturbing figures show that vans are broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. 

That went up 30% since 2017. Seriously, WTF! 

It translates to over 22,000 vans a year being broken into and tools being stolen. 

Yorkshire & the Midlands are most at risk followed by the city of London. 

These nasty thieves are literally affecting peoples livelihoods and getting away with it! 

How are they getting in? 

1. The peel and steal, thieves are using their body weight to peel open side doors like a can of sardines. This is particularly painful as it really damages the van.

2. Skeleton keys, a legitimate aid for locksmiths is now readily available for thieves.  Thieves can buy these for just £20. According to Steffan George from the Master Locksmith Association, “these are legitimate locksmith’s tools…but they shouldn’t be available to everyone.” He goes on to say that they would welcome a restriction on the sale of skeleton keys.

3. Drilling - Sadly another common way is to drill the locks. 

How can you avoid being a victim of van tool theft?

How can you avoid being the in the 20,000 plus people who get the tools stolen every year? 

As someone who has had their van broken into, I know the pain, only too well. 

It's not just the physical loss, it's the emotional damage that's done.

The thoughts that someone would step on to your driveway and directly steal from your livelihood but not just your livelihood, your families. 

It took me weeks if not months to stop thinking about I would have done or should have done If I caught them.

It took even longer to stop feeling bitter and upset. 

Luckily I had tool insurance. 

Prioritising security & stopping thieves from stealing your tools. 

 1. Park as close to home as possible and where you can have it under a bright light. 

2. Get a Vanmate magnet, the thieves will see it and they won't even try! 



3. Get a Vanmate alarm. If thieves do open your van doors, they will be met with an ear piercing 120db. They'll be running for the hills, without your tools! 


Order Vanmate 

4. Get tool insurance, we recommend Simply business insurance for the most competitive quotes. Click the link to get a quote, If they do get in at least the pain will only be emotional rather than financial! 

I hope this post helps you keep your tools safe! 

Regards, John Buckley 


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