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Protect Your Tools With Vanmate

Protect your tools - order vanmate

Why are 1000s of tradesman & van owners installing Vanmate?

 Vanmate is an affordable, effective solution for van owners to protect their kit. Vanmate is battery operated & simply installs on the ply in the back of your van. If the PIR sensor detects movement, the alarm will go off at 125DB. That's similar to a jet plane taking off. 

Vanmate Features

State of the art PIR

Our calibrated PIR sensor, senses movement - if someone opens your doors Vanmate alarm will know. 

125DB Loud

The Vanmate siren is insanely loud. It's 125DB, that's similar to jet plane taking off to give you context. 

Batteries last up to 6 months

With high quality batteries installed, Vanmate will keep going for up to 6 months. 

What people are saying about vanmate

Installed this in 2 minutes, I can now relax at night, knowing my van is safer. 

John - Buider

It's bloody loud! 

Dave the plasterer

Great bit of kit, simple, easy and good for the money.

Steve - Plumber

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