The Vanmate App

Want to keep on top of the latest theft activities in your local area?

Then you need to get the Vanmate App. With the Vanmate App you will get a notification on your smartphone if a theft or suspicious behaviour has been reported within a 15KM radius from your current location. If you click on the notification, you will see a report, in this report you will get a description of what has happened (theft or suspicious activity) and where.

The app will help van owners & tradesman in 2 ways.

1. If a theft or suspicious behaviour report comes in near you, you’ll know to be extra vigilant as often these crimes come in a flurry in one area, so for example; that night you might decide to bring your tools in or park your van in the garage.

2. If you sadly are a victim, by reporting what happened you are giving other local van owner’s an opportunity to let you know if they’ve seen or heard anything in relation to what happened.

Download for iPhone from the Apple Store

Download for Android from the Google Play Store - Note that we are currently experiencing some issues with the Android app - please be patient while we fix these.