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Offer: FREE Anti-Theft Sticker With Vanmate

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Vanmate Van Alarm & Additional Siren Bundle

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Vanmate Van Alarm & Additional Siren Bundle For More Noise! 

Vanmate™ Van Alarm - Protect your tools from thieves

🔥  Includes FREE reflective thief deterrent sticker to stick on your van doors when you order today. 

Vanmate takes just a few minutes to install and drastically reduces the chances of your tools getting stolen.

It's shocking, a van gets broken into every 23 minutes in the UK, that's 23,000 vans a year and 23,000 people a year who feel the pain of thieves taking which isn't theirs to take.

How does Vanmate work: Simply insert 3 AAA batteries & mount Vanmate on the ply in the back of your van with the 2 screws provided. Arm Vanmate with the remote. Once armed, Vanmate has a motion sensor that will detect any movement in your van, including the doors being opened in the middle of the night! The alarm will go off at an ear-piercing 125DB - that's very, very loud! The thieves will run for the hills without your tools!
We tend to sell out quite fast, order yours now and don't get caught out! 
Vanmate Features:  ★ State of the art motion sensor (PIR)  ★ 125DB siren  ★ Easy install  ★ Batteries last 3 - 6 months (with high-quality batteries).    ★ 12V USB hardwired port for permanent live if you do not wish to use batteries.

This Vanmate bundle includes - The Vanmate alarm | X3 AAA batteries | Hanging bracket & adhesive tape if needed | Arming remote | Free high-quality reflective sticker for your rear van which will deter thieves (offer ends soon).   
Get an extra 120 DB noise to scare thieves with this additional siren bundle. 

Want additional or better-placed noise, this plugin alarm simply plugs into your Vanmate alarm's headphone socket and sounds at 120DB when your Vanmate PIR alarm is activated. 

To be clear, both alarms go off at the same time when the PIR on Vanmate is triggered.

This plugin additional siren is particularly useful when positioned at the front of your van, towards the doors for extra 'shock factor.'

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Heseldon

excellent little alarm with a nice loud siren.Very quick delivery.Would use again.

Alan Jackson
At last a very happy camper van user great.

I hope naw I have peace of mind about leaving my camper van I wish l had done it sooner well done vanmate

Ian harry Goodall


Antony Judd

Very simple to install & set up, mega loud!!
Very pleased.
Only issue, i have tried many times to download & register your App, but it just wont let me!😩 i would really like this App running if possible, then 5 star reveiw!!



Vanmate saved my Van, If I didn't have it my van would have been stolen

Vanmate gives me peace of mind at night!


Installed in over 10,000 vans in the UK. The feedback has been excellent! 

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We're a UK company, that means we ship from the UK and use Royal Mail tracked. 


You'll receive full support with your Vanmate. Questions? Just reach out.