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Van Alarms for the Vauxhall Vivaro Vans

Whether your Vauxhall Vivaro serves as the heartbeat of your business or is part of your outdoor activities, having an advanced security and alarm system is crucial. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of van alarm solutions perfect for the Vauxhall Vivaro, shedding light on the reliability and efficacy of Vanmate Van Alarms!

About Vauxhall Vivaro Van

The Vauxhall Vivaro Van is recognised for its spacious and well-designed interior, providing ample room for cargo, passengers, or specialised equipment. With its boxy yet aerodynamic exterior, the van offers a distinctive look while maximising functionality. The vehicle's advanced safety features, including modern driver-assistance technologies, contribute to its reputation as a secure and comfortable option for businesses and individuals alike.

One of the key strengths of the Vauxhall Vivaro Van is its adaptability. It comes in multiple wheelbase lengths, roof heights, and payload capacities, allowing users to customize the vehicle to meet their specific needs. Whether used for delivery services, transportation, or as a mobile workspace, the Vivaro Van stands out for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and innovative design.

Van Alarms for Vaxuhall Vivaro Vans UKPhoto from: Vauxhall Vivaro Website

In addition to its practicality, the Vivaro Van is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including connectivity options and infotainment features, enhancing the overall driving experience. As a symbol of engineering excellence, the Vauxhall Vivaro Van continues to be a popular choice for businesses and individuals seeking a dependable and versatile commercial vehicle.

Vauxhall Vivaro vans, renowned for their robustness, versatility, and expansive cargo capacity, have regrettably become enticing targets for thieves in the UK. Recent reports underscore a concerning uptick in Vivaro thefts, heightening the urgency for a sophisticated van alarm system. Beyond the potential loss of the vehicle itself, Vivaro owners often carry high-value tools and equipment, rendering a break-in not only a vehicular theft but also a significant setback for business operations.

Photo by Harry Shelton on UnsplashPhoto by Harry Shelton on Unsplash

Investing in a van alarm system for your Vauxhall Vivaro is indispensable. A high-caliber alarm acts not just as a deterrent but also as a proactive shield, dissuading potential thieves and offering peace of mind for both your vehicle and the valuable assets it houses.

Van Alarms for the Vauxhall Vivaro Vans:

Vanmate Motion Van Alarm and Vanmate Contact Van Alarm stands out by providing two distinct van alarm solutions, the Motion Van Alarm and the Contact Van Alarm, each meticulously crafted to address the security nuances of your Vauxhall Vivaro!

Vanmate Motion Van Alarm:

  • Equipped with an ultra-sensitive motion sensor designed to detect any movement within your Vivaro Van.
  • Activates a formidable 125dB alarm upon detection, ensuring an immediate and resounding deterrent effect.
  • Particularly effective for safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Vanmate Motion Van Alarm

Vanmate Contact Van Alarm:

  • Integrates a precision vibration sensor to detect irregular movements of your van, including attempts to tamper with doors or windows.
  • Emanates a robust 110dB alarm, effectively deterring potential thieves and providing a robust defense for your van!

The Vanmate Contact Alarm for Vans can be easily mounted on any internal or external surface, such as a window, door, or another point of entry, using the provided screws or self-adhesive backing. When armed, it features a vibration sensor that detects any unusual movement of your vehicle, such as meddling with doors or windows. The alarm triggers at 110dB, scaring away potential thieves!

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Why Vanmate?

A Vanmate Alarm is the ideal choice for Your Vauxhall Vivaro Van: Vanmate understands the nuanced security requirements of van owners:

  • Effortless Installation: Vanmate van alarms are designed with user-friendly installation in mind, accompanied by clear instructions for a hassle-free setup.

  • Ear-Piercing Decibel Levels: With alarms reaching up to 125dB, Vanmate ensures that your van's security is not only silent but also loud enough to attract attention, delivering a potent deterrent effect.

  • Extended Battery Life: Vanmate van alarms come equipped with long-lasting batteries, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection for your Vauxhall Vivaro van!

  • Affordable Security Solutions: Committed to accessibility, Vanmate prices its alarms affordably, ensuring that all Vivaro owners can benefit from top-tier security without straining their budget.

Secure Your Vauxhall Vivaro Today: No matter what Vauxhall Vivaro Van model yoou got, Vanmate's Van Alarm system is meticulously designed to meet the distinct security needs of your specific Vauxhall Vivaro model! Don't leave the safety of your Vivaro to chance; invest in a Vanmate van alarm system today and relish the peace of mind that comes with reliable and effective security.

Before you go...

Consider augmenting your Vivaro's security further with the Vanmate App, providing real-time notifications of theft activities within a 15KM radius of your current location. With Vanmate, protect your Vivaro comprehensively and confidently against the rising threat of theft in the UK.

Would you like to read more about alarms for vans and how to secure your vehicle? Then head over to the Vanmate Blog!

Header Image from: Vauxhall Vivaro Website

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