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Christmas Gifts for Van Owners and Van Lifers

This festive season, treat the van owners, travellers, and van life enthusiasts in your life with thoughtful gifts that enhance their experiences and safety on the road. From ensuring safety and security to adding convenience and functionality, here are some fantastic gift ideas that will make their van journeys even more enjoyable.

So without further ado, let's dive into this van and van life gift guide. Filled with unique gifts for both van- and campervan owners, van lifers and great campervan gift ideas.

1. Motion Alarm from Vanmate

Ensure peace of mind and security with the Vanmate Motion Van Alarm. This device is designed to detect any unauthorised movements inside the van and deterring potential thieves. Its easy installation and sensitivity adjustment make it a practical and essential gift for van drivers and owners, providing an added layer of security to their beloved vehicles.

A Motion Van Alarm from Vanmate is a perfect gift idea for any camper van lifer or van owner who care's about security and safety!

Vanmate Motion Alarm

The Vanmate Motion Van Alarm is one of the standout products offered by Vanmate. This van alarm features advanced PIR motion sensing technology that promptly detects any unusual activity within its vicinity. A Vanmate alarm ensures you can rest easy knowing that Vanmate is keeping a watchful eye on your possessions and van!

Once armed, Vanmate has a motion sensor that will detect any movement in your van, including the doors being opened in the middle of the night! The alarm will go off at an ear-piercing 125DB - that's very, very loud! The thieves will run for the hills without your stuff and van!

2. GPS System for Vans

A reliable GPS system is an invaluable and perfect gift for anyone with a van, no matter if they use it for work, travel or to live in. Whether they're exploring new routes or navigating unfamiliar terrains, a high-quality GPS can provide accurate directions, real-time traffic updates, and points of interest. Choose a GPS device with a large display, easy-to-use interface, and excellent battery life to ensure a smooth and efficient journey.

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

 3. Car-Mounted Mobile Phone Holder

For safe and convenient access to navigation apps, music, and hands-free calling while on the road, a sturdy car-mounted mobile phone holder is a must-have. This practical gift allows van drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, enhancing their driving experience and ensuring safety during their travels.

Why not pair a mobile phone holder with a cup holder? That would be a great gift for anyone who spend a lot of time on the roads!'

4. Contact Alarm from Vanmate

Enhance van security further with the Vanmate Contact Van Alarm. This alarm system is designed to detect and alert in case of attempted break-ins through doors or windows. It provides van drivers and owners with an additional layer of security, giving them peace of mind when leaving their vehicle unattended.

The Vanmate Contact Van Alarm, designed to trigger an alarm if the van's doors or windows are forced open. This provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that your van remains safe from potential threats at all times. Vanmate's Contact Van Alarm allows for smart positioning on the vans door / door panel.

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5. Portable Fridge and Freezer

A portable fridge/freezer is a fantastic gift for van travellers and van lifers who want to keep their food and beverages fresh and cold while on the go. These compact, energy-efficient appliances are designed for life on the road, making it easy to store perishables and enjoy chilled drinks and food during their adventures.

6. Solar Panels For Vans and Campervans

Help van drivers and campervan owners harness the power of the sun with a foldable solar panel charger. This eco-friendly gift allows them to charge their devices, power lights, or even run small appliances using solar energy. Ideal for off-grid adventures, a solar panel charger can provide a reliable source of power wherever they roam.

Photo by Alice Hartrick on Unsplash

7. Roof Rack and Storage Pods

Maximise the van's storage capacity with a roof rack and storage pods. These gifts are perfect for van life enthusiasts who love to carry gear, bikes, or camping equipment. The additional storage space is a game-changer for long journeys, providing a convenient and organised way to transport bulky items.

8. LED Lights

Enhance the ambiance of their van life haven by illuminating it with vibrant LED lighting and carefully chosen interior accessories. LED lights not only brighten up the space but also consume less power, making them ideal for the energy-conscious van dweller. Consider LED strip lights that can be easily affixed to different parts of the van, allowing for customisation and creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Additionally, interior accessories such as soft cushions, compact foldable tables, and clever storage solutions maximise the space inside the van, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

9. Cooking and Kitchen Essentials

Transform their van into a gourmet kitchen on wheels with an array of efficient and portable cooking and kitchen essentials. Compact, multi-functional stovetops, portable cookware, and versatile utensils make preparing delicious meals on the road a breeze. Consider gifting foldable silicone bowls, space-saving pots and pans, and utensil sets designed for compact storage. By providing the right tools, you're enabling camper van enthusiasts to elevate their culinary adventures, cooking up gourmet meals and delightful feasts amidst nature's beauty.

10. Outdoor Adventure Gear and Camping Equipment

Equip the avid van travellers and van lifers with a comprehensive selection of outdoor adventure gear and camping equipment, vital for their off-grid excursions and outdoor escapades. From sturdy tents and sleeping bags to portable camping chairs and tables, these items enhance their camping experience, making it comfortable and enjoyable. Explore durable hiking backpacks, reliable camping stoves, and water purification systems to ensure they are fully prepared for their outdoor adventures, no matter where the road takes them.

Another accessory that would be a good and fun gift to give campervan owners would be a portable power station. To make sure they are never out of power!

Gift Guide for Van owners and Van Lifers

11. Van Maintenance and Organisation Tools

Support van driver and owners in keeping their cherished vehicles in optimal condition and well-organised with an assortment of practical tools and accessories. Consider gifting toolkits tailored for automotive maintenance, tyre inflators, and compact vacuum cleaners for easy cleanup.

Organisation solutions like storage bins, hooks, and drawer organisers help maintain order within the limited space of a van, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a clutter-free environment.

12. Vanmate Bolt - A Secure Gift

If you're searching for a great gift to enhance a van owner's security - then the Vanmate Bolt is an ideal choice.


This great deadlock for vans, adds top-tier security. Designed by an ex-aerospace engineer - The lock housing is stunning looking, the design was inspired by the stealth fighter jet. We recognised that most people would not want to install an ugly-looking lock on their van, there are currently many on the market to choose from!


This Christmas, show your love and appreciation for van owners and travellers by gifting them items that enhance their van life experiences. Whether it's ensuring safety, improving navigation, or adding comfort and functionality, these carefully selected gifts are sure to be appreciated and utilised throughout their journeys on the open road. Happy holidays and happy travels!

Header: Photo by Nasim Keshmiri on Unsplash 

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