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UK Van Theft Statistics 2021/22

As a van owner, you're probably always aware of the possibility of your vehicle being stolen or broken into. But what are the chances that it will actually happen? Well unfortunately there is always a chance…

Table of Content

  1. Van Theft Statistics in London (Sept 2021 - Aug 2022)
  2. The Broader UK Van Theft Landscape
  3. Preventative Measures for Van Owners
  4. Vanmate Security Products
  5. Conclusion

Between September 2021 and August 2022, on average nine vans were stolen every day, just in London according to Direct Line Business Insurance!

3,302 vans were stolen in areas that fall under the Metropolitan Police, while 12 were stolen in locations patrolled by the City of London Police – a total of 3,314. The number of van thefts in London has decreased slightly year-on-year, however, only by 140 since previous years (3,454).

The month with the most van thefts in London during this period was November 2021, when 345 vans were stolen. This is 78 higher than the monthly average which is 276. The month with the lowest number of van theft was in July 2022, when 202 vans were stolen. Which is still 202 too many!

Most vans that were stolen in London between September 2021 and August 2022 where in fact stolen from the street (1,773), 101 being taken from a driveway, 1,028 stolen from unknown locations and 412 vans taken from other locations such as offices, car parks, garages etc.


Even though there was a slight decrease in van thefts in London between September 2021 and August 2022, the numbers are still too high. And unfortunately, some experts predict that the decrease is just temporary, and by 2023 total van thefts in the whole of United Kingdom could be above 20,000, compare to 8,483 in 2018 (UK Nationwide).

Note that the figures above are based on stolen vans, not vans that has been broken into. A van gets broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. That's 23,000 vans a year and 23,000 people a year who feel the pain of thieves taking their possessions and impacting their livelihood.

So, what can be done to stop this, or to eliminate the risk of your van getting stolen and/or being broken into? 

Some tradespeople are implementing some measures to protect their tools and their livelihoods from thieves. For example:

  • Keeping tools in a property/garage overnight
  • Keeping tools out of sight when they are stored
  • Fitting an alarm on their vehicle
  • Installing Van CCTV or dashcam
  • Parking their vans in a safe and sensible space to deter potential thieves

Here are 2 great products from Vanmate that will eliminate the risk of getting your van stolen or broken into: 

Vanmate Motion Van Alarm + Additional Siren Bundle

This Vanmate bundle includes - The Vanmate alarm | Additional Siren | X3 AAA batteries | Hanging bracket & adhesive tape if needed | Arming remote | Free high-quality reflective sticker for your rear van which will deter thieves (offer ends soon).



  • State of the art motion sensor (PIR)
  • 2 x 125DB sirens
  • Easy install
  • Batteries last 3 - 6 months (with high-quality batteries).
  • 12V USB hardwired port for permanent live if you do not wish to use batteries.

Keep the thieves away with a Vanmate Motion Can Alarm!

Vanmate Tool Thief Deterrent Reflective Sticker

This super reflective magnet will make thieves think twice! It is made from high-quality material, highly reflective, looks authoritative and is an overall great thief deterrent!


Do yourself, you van and your livelihood a favour, head over to the Vanmate Webshop and get yourself a alarm for your van, to scare the thieves away!

Header image by Markus Winkler via Unsplash

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