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Troubleshooting guide

We appreciate Vanmate is a battery operated device, this is a technical guide to help you solve any problems you may have. 

How do I pair my Vanmate to a remote fob? Or how do I add a new fob to my Vanmate alarm?

We have made a quick video guide, see the link below, it is also in your instructions. 

See pairing video here:

My Vanmate alarm is behaving erratically, doesn't seem to work properly/my fob doesn't seem to want to pair. 

In this instance, we recommend a full factory reset, please see the video below, you will also need to re-pair your remote fob after this process.

See factory reset video here:

My Vanmate only chimes, the siren does not seem to work. 

You need to adjust the mode using the music note button (right button), short press it, to set it to siren. 

My Vanmate has lost it's sound, isn't loud enough

As long as Vanmate is set in siren, your Vanmate should be very loud. 

This problem can occur if your Vanmate has been damaged by dropping or knocking. Please be honest if you have damaged the alarm, we will be happy to look after you in purchasing a new one but again, please do not attempt a warranty claim when you know you have bashed the alarm or it has fallen out of it's cradle due to improper fitting. 

My Vanmate batteries did not last long. 

We strongly advise you use high quality Duracell batteries. 

Vanmate takes to long to go off/or does not go off when I open a door.

We recommend you look at the position of the alarm to the door, Vanmate needs to be facing the door and be within a 2 meter range. 

I lost my fob/my fob got damaged it won't pair, doesn't work. 

You can buy another fob here & re-pair using the video above

My alarm keeps intermittently beeping or chirping for no reason

This simply means you need to replace the batteries.



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