Vanmate Van Alarm + Free Sticker Bundle

Vanmate Van Alarm + Free Sticker Bundle

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Vanmate Van Alarm - Protect your tools from thieves

Now back in stock 🚚delivered by royal mail 1st class.

🔥Includes FREE reflective thief deterrent magnet to stick on your van doors when you order today. 

 NEW: Now includes new & improved remote fob.

Drastically reduce the chances of your tools getting stolen with Vanmate. 

It's shocking, a van gets broken into every 23 minutes in the UK, that's 23,000 vans a year and 23,000 people a year who feel the pain of thieves taking which isn't theirs to take.

How does Vanmate work: Simply insert 3 AAA batteries & mount Vanmate on the ply in the back of your van with the 2 screws provided. Arm Vanmate with the remote. Once armed, Vanmate has a motion sensor that will detect any movement in your van, including the doors being opened in the middle of the night! The alarm will go off at an ear-piercing 125DB - that's very, very loud! The thieves will run for the hills without your tools!
We tend to sell out quite fast, orders yours now - don't get caught out! 
This Vanmate bundle includes - The Vanmate alarm | X3 AAA batteries | Hanging bracket & adhesive tape if needed | Arming remote | Free reflective magnet which will deter thieves (offer ends soon). 
Features:  ★ State of the art motion sensor (PIR)  ★ 125DB siren  ★ Easy install  ★ Batteries last 3 - 6 months (with high-quality batteries). 


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